• Image of Pizza Eatin' Dino Crewneck Sweatshirt

This is a super soft crewneck sweatshirt version of our dinosaur scarfing down a slice of pizza. Why? Because who doesn't like dinosaurs and pizza? It is in a super premium charcoal heather grey with raglan sleeves (men's sizes), meaning it'll fit your shoulders, always. None of that awkward, boxy shoulder seam crap here.

For the tiny folks like me, I made a few women's smalls on white. Super limited.

The design has been double printed so it's got a neat sheen and little textured.

And! Every order comes with a free coozy while supplies last.

NOTE: We only ship once a week. I personally pack and ship all the shirts and I travel to MMA events nearly every week so I am only able to ship out when we're not at a fight. One day I'll be cool and get some kind of fulfillment service but I don't know when that day will be.